The advances in diagnosis and management outlined in this guide have transformed expectations in what was once an incurable and stigmatising condition. With the support of a committed multidisciplinary team, the Carbon Addict can now achieve almost complete recovery and may look forward to a healthy and rewarding future.

What will a low carbon community be like?

Very soon...

  • Quality of life is the new status symbol.
  • We will each have a personal carbon allowance, stored on a plastic card, which we will choose to use carefully for selected carbon-consuming activities (operating within national and international carbon cap and trade schemes).
  • Environmentally-derived natural resources will all be priced at a realistic level, i.e. much higher than now, which will radically reduce consumption of material goods. More with less...
  • There will be no petrol driven cars – all private vehicles will be renewably powered or zero emission; the motorways will be closed to cars – fleets of coaches will take people from city to city.
  • The road building programme will be converted into a massive public transport expansion programme.
  • Several airports will close or their traffic will be substantially reduced.
  • Urban residential areas will be closed to car traffic and people will get around on foot, by bike, or by bus.
  • Children will all go to school by bus, bike or on foot.
  • All houses will be carbon-neutral, retro-fitted with a package of insulation and technology – all suitable houses will have micro-generation, and there will be solar panels around local community sites.
  • Fuel poverty and its associated morbidity and mortality will be a thing of the past.
  • All houses will have visual displays giving information on carbon consumption.
  • There will be very little flying – perhaps a trip as a retirement present or a 21st birthday present.
  • Holidays will mainly be taken locally, giving time for arts and crafts, horticulture etc.
  • There will be much more emphasis on local activities and community interactive events.
  • The obesity epidemic will be a thing of the past. People will be fitter, healthier and happier.